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Electronic Income Withholding Orders (e-IWOs)

Electronic Income Withholding Orders (e-IWOs) is a service that enables employers to receive their income withholding orders electronically through a centralized e-IWO Internet “Portal”.  

E-IWOs were first introduced in 2004 by the federal office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in processing Income Withholding Orders. Payroll on the Web has partnered with the OCSE to act as our clients' liaison in transmitting and processing e-IWOs. There is no cost to employers for participating in the e-IWO program.

This will eliminate receiving IWOs by mail, accelerate payments to families, and reduce phone calls from child support staff. The accuracy and reliability of data increases and it saves time, money and resources at no cost to employers. Employers can enjoy the benefits of electronically acknowledging to states of acceptance or rejection of IWOs and notify the State of terminations and lump sum payments.  Receiving the withholding information in a consistent and uniform format and improved communication between child support agencies and employers, results in reduced processing and handling costs and time.

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